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What happens first if my patient decides they want to join the trial?

Before participants are fully enrolled in RISE UP, a medical team will assess each person's medical history and health to ensure they're a good fit for the clinical trial. Key inclusion and exclusion criteria are available at

What should my patients expect if they are enrolled in RISE UP?

In phase 2, participants will receive either mitapivat or placebo tablets to take twice a day, every day, for 3 months. For phase 3 participants, this initial period lasts 1 year. Approximately every 2 weeks, participants will be evaluated by a doctor to measure for changes in anemia, changes in pain crises, and overall health and safety. After the initial study period, participants may choose to continue taking mitapivat, or begin taking mitapivat if previously on placebo, for 4 years.1

Privacy is important. How is my patient's privacy protected?

Throughout the study, participant names and medical information will be kept completely confidential. Each participant in the study will be assigned a unique identifier. Records and data collected throughout the study will not contain any names or personal identifying information, only the unique identifier.1

Living with sickle cell disease is already a challenge. Will RISE UP participants get support?

While the range and type of services available to individuals will depend on local and national regulations, Agios is working to support RISE UP participants so that they can attend clinical trial appointments regularly and without worries. These services may include caregivers, childcare, travel and transportation support, stipends, remote nurse visits, and virtual visits. Local investigators can confirm which services are available. More information about support will also be available on specific local enrollment websites.